The Outstanding Business and Political Career of Dick Devos

Dick Devos is one of the nation’s leading philanthropists. He is also a retired business figure that has headed Amway as a CEO. Here is a snapshot of Dick Devos life and his work throughout the decades. He is one of leading figures in Michigan and one of the best Republican Party supporters within the country.


Dick Devos has been working since he was a young man. His father is the legendary Richard Devos the founder of Amway. When Devos was a young lad he would spend his days helping his father’s emerging business. Devos and his brother would assist visitors and guests to the family’s basement office. Their early business clients and business partners would be hosted by the Devos brothers. The young boys did many activities and chores to help their dad’s business out.


This home training is where Devos developed his work ethic. Young Dick really enjoyed working for his father’s organization. It was during the developmental stages of Amway that Devos learned all about the world of business. Devos eventually learned the entry level positions of his father’s organization.


By the time he graduated high school, he spoke publicly before crowds and he gave demonstrations. He knew about customer service, how to fulfill customer needs and he figured out how provide products that people needed the most. Devos would take this acquired knowledge and use it all throughout his long and productive career.


Devos eventually went to college and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He attended Northwood University. He also was a student at Harvard Business School and Wharton School’s Study Program though he did not graduate from these organizations.


After Devos graduated from school he began to work for his father’s company. He was an entry level employee that worked hard to move up through the company. His father did not hand him anything. Eventually, Devos’s hard work paid off. By 1984 he had become one of the company’s vice presidents. He was given the responsibility of overseeing the company’s business within 18 different countries. He did this job well. As a matter of fact, Devos had increased the organization’s sales by 50% when he left Amway in 1991.


Devos was also a CEO of the Orlando Magic. Richard Devos purchased the team in 1991. He then put his son Dick in charge of the organization. Dick ran the Magic for a few years. He then left the organization and went back to Amway as the CEO.


By the year 2000, Richard helped to reorganize Amway. Another facet of the business named Alticor. Dick and his brother Dough eventually took the organization to the global level. Devos left Amway and Alticor in 2002 and went on to work for an investment management firm. The name of this group is Windquest.


During the 90s, Devos was a member of Michigan’s State Board of Education. He was also appointed to the Grand Valley State University Board of Control in 1996. He also ran for governor in 1996 but he lost this campaign. He started the Dick and Betty Devos Family Foundation during the 90s with his wife Betsy. Together they both have contributed millions to hundreds of organizations throughout the years. Dick Devos’ continues on working as the president of Windquest. This man has accomplished so much during his time in business and politics.



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