Osteo Relief Institute: Leading in the Fight against Osteoarthritis

Numerous studies show that there are over 100 forms of arthritis, contrary to the popular belief that arthritis is a single disease. Osteoarthritis, a disease that attacks a patients’ cartilage, is the most known form of arthritis. Further research shows that about 50 million Americans suffer from at least one form of arthritis, with the disease said to be the number one contributor to disability in the country. As people grow old, they become more vulnerable to the diseases. Other arthritis risk factors besides age include family history, excess weight, and previous injury. Studies reveal that arthritis is most rampant among women of advanced age.




Osteoarthritis comes with severe joint pains. This is mainly because the cartilage is made of soft tissues which make part of the body joints. As the disease continues developing, the tissues deplete leaving the joint bones bare. As a result, the bare bones rub against each other, resulting in unnecessary friction and pains (https://www.healthgrades.com/group-directory/nj-new-jersey/wall-township/osteo-relief-institute-wall-nj-oomj9t5). The danger of this disease is that its pain is chronic and all a doctor can do is manage the pain to bearable standards. A patient can also control the disease by leading an active life. Some of the advisable practices that one should undertake so as to manage the disease or to cut the pain down to size include:

Daily routine


One’s daily routine largely defines one’s health condition. For an arthritis patient, it is good to have a habit of doing light exercises before retiring to bed.


Weight management

Weight management is vital since excessive weight facilitates the development of the disease. Weight can be managed by checking the diet and doing exercises; walking, aerobics, and cycling are good forms of exercise since they don’t strain the joints. In order to keep the connective tissues intact, it is advisable to avoid smoking.


Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute offers OA knee treatment services in Monmouth County. The Osteo Relief Institute brings together physicians of high qualifications and physical therapists who are certified by the county medical board. Osteo Relief Institute uses some of the most modern technology and sophisticated equipment for the best patient experience.


As a way of increasing Osteoarthritis awareness, Osteo Relief Institute conducts free screening services to Monmouth residents. Osteo Relief Institute also conducts regular arthritis programs.

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