Kate Hudson’s Fabletics About to Give Amazon a Run for the Money

Amazon doesn’t have to worry too often about another clothing company coming along and taking away some of their business. In fact, Amazon has been so dominant in the fashion e-commerce market that they are bringing in 20 percent of all the sales in this one niche alone. That might scare the thousands of other clothing retailers trying to make their way in this space, but not Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Looking at it from a numbers perspective, we see that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already sold $250 million in women’s workout apparel in less than three years.


To get a clear understanding how the company made such a huge climb out of the crowded bottom, we ask Hudson to explain. Hudson says that her athleisure brand is more than just low pricing and high quality, it is a combination of her reverse showrooming sales process and the numerous membership perks offered for loyal service. To see these two sales components working in real-time, we head to the mall first, and drop in on the Fabletics retail stores. Inside the store you see things like women trying on every piece of active-wear in the store, ladies filling out the Fabletics lifestyle quiz, and others just browsing racks of workout apparel for the latest releases.


Dominating in the fashion e-commerce market is no easy task, your business needs to really be doing things in a way that is grabbing the attention of more customers each day. That is exactly what is happening at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, making it easier for their customers to shop at their convenience. Every time a customer is inside the store at the mall trying on the workout apparel, the pieces get uploaded right to their member’s account page. What this means is that the next time these customers have time to shop, the items they know that fit them already are waiting in the online cart.


On the subject of benefits of shopping at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, loyal customers receive discount on all the workout apparel, free shipping for online orders, and help from a personal shopping assistant too. The perks of being a loyal customer are numerous, more than the discounted shipping Amazon rewards their Prime members with. In just a few short years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been able to claw their way to the top and really give Amazon a serious run for the money.

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