Betsy DeVos and her Journey to the Office

Over the course of the past six months or so, the political climate in the United States of America has undergone a vast number of changes. The country has a new president as well as a new Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos was appointed to the position of the new US Secretary of Education, and over the course of the mandate, she will be the 11th person on the post.


Betsy DeVos became widely popular in the United States of America due to her active presence in philanthropy. She has also been a part of a vast number of foundations and organization operating in a variety of businesses and fighting for various causes. Betsy DeVos has amassed many decades of experience as a leader as well. She has served on a number of positions in leadership such as Chair of the Board, chief executive officer, project coordinator, and project manager, to name a few. She has also been a president of a few organizations. Decades ago, Betsy DeVos became familiar with a suggestion made by an organization to introduce private school vouchers to the academic institutions of the U. S. As the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has been working towards spreading the system across the States. So far, the private school voucher system has been introduced to hundreds of schools.


Up to date, Betsy DeVos is also working in business, leading a foundation, and she is also on the board of a few other foundations including the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Betsy DeVos is on top of the business of Windquest Group together with her husband Richard DeVos who created the company. Betsy DeVos and Richard DeVos started up charity foundation together over ten years ago called the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. While both Betsy and Richard DeVos have been making generous donations frequently as individuals, The Dick and Betsy family Foundation has helped them expand their ability to contribute to many different causes. Their foundation aims to support the education in America as well as arts, social justice, and much more. Education has always been a concern for Betsy DeVos. Over the course of her career, Betsy DeVos has been focused n contributing to the sector of education by donating to a variety of academic institutions. Her support for universities and colleges played a large part in her being appointed to Secretary of Education.


Another contributing factor to her current positions is that she has been supporting the Republican party for many a decade. Betsy DeVos has worked at the National Republican Senatorial Committee for a few years, and she has also done fundraising for the Republican party over the years. She has donated nearly 19 million to the Republicans.


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