Doe Deere Dreams Up Lime Crime

When you imagine what a makeup company founded by someone known as the “Queen of the Unicorns” would look like, you may only get to the tip of the iceberg of Lime Crime. Founded by beauty and unicorn lover Doe Deere, Lime Crime products think so far outside of the box that Deere has practically invented her own shapes. How did Doe Deere manage to create her company based purely on big dreams?


Born in Russia, Deere moved to New York City at the age of 17 and credits the two cities in beginning to shape her aesthetic. It was her career as a young musician that began to teach her not just to dream big, but how to do it successfully. Her career in music also introduced her to her now-husband and business partner; their collaboration began in songwriting and continued through promotion and Deere’s makeup endeavor.


Deere’s advice for other aspiring young entrepreneurial women is to follow their heart as well as their natural skills. She believes that being different is what provides your best value and that when you follow what you love, you will truly blossom.


It was Deere’s desire to be different that helped create her makeup brand Lime Crime. She sought out bright colors and unusual trends in makeup, but was unable to find what she wanted in a makeup industry full of beige. Her solution to this problem was simple – she began to create what she wanted, instead of conforming and accepting the only available options. She found that she was not alone, and many women were searching for bright colors just like she was. Learn more:


Providing herself and other women with colorful and vibrant options blossomed into what Lime Crime is today. Deere’s goal with her company is to allow anyone who wants to wear makeup the ability to do it without being judged. The variety and bold expression she offers gives people the freedom to be and express themselves through makeup, knowing that their fellow unicorns are doing the same. Deere doesn’t stop at just makeup; she expresses herself through makeup, hair, and fashion and believes that all of these aspects of ourselves go hand in hand. Learn more:


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