Start Your Business with Glen Wakeman’s LaunchPad

Launchpad Holdings LLC was created by Glen Wakeman. Glen wanted a way to help people who have ideas for a product become successful. He looked at it and noticed that a lot of people had really good positive ideas but never got their ideas off the ground. The failure rate was very high. He wanted to be able to help these people get their ideas off and running. He found that a lot of people do not really have a plan on how to execute their idea. So he created a software that is easy to use. You are able to plug in your idea and can have help planning how to bring that idea to life.


Glen Wakeman has had successes as an investor, writer, mentor, global business executive, and entrepreneur. Glen is very widely known for his five proven steps to better work performance methodology. He focuses on the human capital, execution in business, risk management and leadership power to help with his methodology. He is also known for his entrepreneurial spirit, the mentoring he does and as a revolutionary in business ( Glen is also very active in the business world. He is involved with and in development of business, with business innovation and growth in the global market. Glen has been in this field for the past twenty years and is not looking to stop working in the field anytime soon. He has lived in six different countries, allowing him to be able to work business in those countries. He has worked operations in over thirty countries. He feels that having a high curiosity for the world around you can make you have more ideas for innovation (AffiliateDork). Allowing you to create ideas on what should be available for you to be more successful in the world. He feels that questioning the world around you can help lead you on the path to creating your next big project.

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