All About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in 1962. He grew up in the United Kingdom. During his early years, he was a student at the University College, London University, and Harvard University. In 1989, Daniel moved to Israel and he severed as a combat medic in Israel Defense Forces. While in Israel, Taub worked really hard to establish a name for himself. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel worked with Israel’s president, Chaim Herzog, as a speechwriter. He is also a member of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, which he joined in 1991. Today Daniel has a wife and six children. He is currently a lawyer, writer, and an Israel diplomat!

Taub became Ambassador to St James’s Court. This was a well deserved position for Daniel Taub to have received. Many of his supporters were inspired and over- joyed for him being appointed to this position. This was significant because Daniel is the second ambassador that is Israeli and born in the UK.

After Daniel became the Ambassador, he was lucky enough to meet the Queen herself! He was incredibly honored! Once he met with her they sat and talked. During their sitting, Daniel Taub was sure to express his gratitude for his new position. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

He also expressed how important it is for him to maintain unity between the countries. During their talk, Daniel also expressed the importance of having faith. He stated, “I do believe that having faith in your life can build bridges”. Many people have speculated that with Daniel in this position, both Israel and the United Kingdom will benefit abundantly!

Daniel Taub is a great public speaker. He is also very well known. He has been featured on popular news stations, including CNN,Sky News, BBC Radio, and many more! Taub certainly made history appearing on BBC, because he was the first Israeli Ambassador to be interviewed with the company.

Taub loves to be involved with education in the U.K. He is also well known at many universities. He speaks and lectures at universities constantly.

In all, Taub is doing a great job. Taub received the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative award in 2013. This award was well deserved because he had been supporting new entrepreneurs. Daniel Taub is always willing to help others.

He has many obligations, but he completes then all well with grace. Daniel is a great addition to St James’s court. Furthermore, Daniel Taub is a great man and a great influence on people all around the world.

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