“Dr. David Samadi” Robotic Expert

Dr. David Samadi is a world prominent well-known prostrate surgeon. He is highly successful in this type of cancer treatment. It takes an extraordinary surgeon to understand the issues that men face. Dr. David Samadi is a compassionate man and dedicated to the service of helping other men get through this hard time in their life. He understands the individual treatments necessary to resolve the issues.

Dr. David Samadi had a very strong desire to study and become a doctor. He and his family had to leave their homeland because the Iranian Revolution was flooding in rapidly, eliminating life as they knew it. He was only 15 years old when the family rushed to London and Brussels. He had to leave his childhood prematurely and grow up very quickly because of the circumstances. This did not squelch his desire to want to study and dedicate himself to helping other people through his training as a doctor.

Dr. David Samadi showed his leadership abilities right from the beginning when he attended Rosylin High School. He proved himself academically being involved in research programs. All of the opportunities opened doors to help him obtain his Bachelor of Science Degree.

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He graduated as President of his class and went on to receive a full scholarship with a Degree in Bio-Chemistry. His zeal for the future helped other physicians to catch the vision.

The dream started to develop. Along with some other colleagues interested in that field, medical experimentation began. The training was extensive in bladder and prostate cancer. The scientific discoveries that they made would develop the future treatments and all of the research involved for cancer. It was at this time he became a participant in American Urologic Association.

The year 2007 was the golden year for Advanced Robotic Surgery. Dr. David Samadi is careful to point out that this is only a tool to help in the procedure to improve dissection and to get the right angles. This was successfully put into motion with a Patent in 2008. The hard work and training has changed so many lives.

Dr. David Samadi has numerous awards and has been on the Best Doctors list since 2004. He is on the distinguished doctors list in New York.

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