Josh Smith, His Ideas & His Route To A Healthier Lifestyle

When it comes to having the ability to solve problems in the most efficient and innovative ways, few people in society can outperform Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada. This guy is a man of many titles, which includes being a philanthropist, an inventor and a futurist. Smith has a wide range of specialties that span across a vast playing field. One of his favorite topics of interest are greenhouses. Being able to sustain yourself by growing foods is one of the most progressive things to do in life. Smith is also a home gardener and has 17 years of entrepreneurial experience in manufacturing, global operations, regulatory approvals and export logistics.
Just imagine if you were able to grow pounds of organic food right from your home. You’ll definitely get more out of the project than what you initially put into it. You could sustain yourself and your family if there’s some sort of crisis. One way of doing this is via Modular Greenhouses. No, these aren’t the standard greenhouses of the past. These are innovative hinged boxes that can be set-up on a deck, a patio, a back porch or on a terrace. These organic foods can be hand-picked in minutes and straight to your dinner plate in a matter of hours. Its smart application provides step-by-step information, tips and recommendations. On top of that, the smart app is easier to operate than Twitter. Every base is being covered here.

This is the 21st century’s garden revolution. You don’t even need any experience to operate this program. The greenhouses are made from aircraft aluminum, which are very strong, but are also light in weight. The strength has been tested to withstand the winds of a category four hurricane. Water usage, fans and heaters can be programmed to run while you’re away from home. If this isn’t innovative then what truly is. Reno’s Josh Smith and his Modular Greenhouses are setting new trends as well as raising the bar much higher than before.

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