The man behind the success of Securus – Rick Smith.

Many variables determine the success of a company. The most important of all is the leadership especially the top management. The management has got the chance to influence the work psychology towards the right direction, make important decisions for the company. In simple facts, the success or failure of a company is in the hands of the CEO. This why it is advisable that when choosing the management, specifically the CEO, a careful selection, and analysis need to be done to ensure we end up with the right candidate.

One of the companies known to be tenacious to detail when choosing their CEO is Securus Company. Their grilling and choosing of the top management cannot be compared to any firm but instead used as a benchmark. The company is highly hailed for the provision of a high tech that is used by correctional facilities. The excellent services have further improved concerning quality and quantity since the arrival of Rick Smith as the CEO. According to Wikipedia

On 28th July 2008, Rich Smith took the responsibility of leading the company as the new CEO. His peculiar skills, track record and his performance with other companies convinced many that he was the man for the job. His work for the various departments, prepared him well giving him the knowledge a CEO needed to have. Some of these departments he served include; finance operations, information technology, telecommunications, and business development among others.

Rick Smith serves the company from its headquarters in Dallas Texas. One of the improvement he will always be remembered for as the CEO is how he applied his leadership is expanding the market for Securus services. Under his management the company now serves 2600 correctional facilities benefiting 1,000,000 inmates, not to forget other international agencies that he has been able to reach out to.

The reforms happening in jails today is attributed to leadership of Rick Smith. Life in prison is improving both for the inmates and the jail administrators. Inmates can today connect to the world and keep in touch with their families and relatives, a privilege they never had, thanks to the gadgets manufactured by Securus. The jail administrators can now monitor the cells and keep track of the inmate, which have significantly reduced the incidences of bullying, killing within the cells and sodomy. The jail management is now more accountable for the inmates, and an emergency can be attended to instantly. Follow Rick’s profile at

Rick Smith has a beautiful education background that for many will remain to be a dream. He acquired his first Degree in engineering, form the State University of New York, Buffalo, an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Simon School of Rochester Institute of Technology.


You cannot talk of Rick without mentioning his work experience. He has some great records not only with Securus but also other companies he has worked for, always leaving a business better than he found it. He worked for Global Crossing North America Inc. from the year 1972-1998. He later served as the CEO of Echelon Company from 2003 to 2007. Echelon will always remember him for raising the revenue down from $30 million to $350 million.

In the year 2008, he moves to Securus as the new CEO. The leadership of Rick Smith Securus has seen the company achieve significant milestones.

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