Fabletics; Fashion Forward and Business Savvy

Kate Hudson is most popular for her acting ability and roles in various large motion picture films; however, she is also a very talented business owner. Most people know by now about her very popular and extremely successful athletic wear line called Fabletics but what most people don’t know is how successful the clothing line actually is becoming.

Fabletics started as a vision that Kate had and has now grown so exponentially that they are estimating about a 235 million dollar revenue. Since it was first started back in 2013, the company has grown by 200% which is an extremely rapid growth for a small start up company. One of the largest attributes to the companies success can be credited to Kate’s incredible take on business. Kate Hudson not only reads and reviews all of the customer feedback, but she takes it one step further and actually bases her product ordering and stocking on the reviews given by actual customers. Her ability to use the power of the crowd and actually listen to her clients makes her incredibly smart and successful.

The power of the crowd technique is one of the best yet least used techniques when it comes to business. For some reason larger businesses especially, have a hard time taking the initiative to not only read their product reviews but also take their feedback into consideration. Kate Hudson’s ability to successfully use this technique and deliver on what her customers want gives her a great advantage.

When asked about her take on the company, Kate will tell you that she is more than pleased with the success Fabletics is having. She also knows that in order to keep it successful and continue to grow, she will need to make sure that communication is never an issue. She implemented a new data system for their customer service department to ensure that customers are not being ignored and that the customer service is always top notch. She also made it clear to her business colleagues that communication will kept a top priority within the company. Kate is continuing to be an advocate for better business practices and to push the importance of customer service and customer feedback within her company.

Fabletics has also created a fun way to incorporate customer engagement by creating a fun, free style quiz for potential interested buyers. They can access the style quiz on the Fabletics website, and take the free quiz which will then give them an idea as to what Fabletics style best fits their needs. It is a fun way to keep your customers involved but also a great way to market their product. So go ahead and take the style quiz today and stay fashion forward with Fabletics.

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