Bruno Fagali Expert In Ethics And Regulatory Law

Bruno Fagali is an attorney to reckon with in Brazil and is one of the most sought-after lawyers in the country with an exceptional track record. He has years of experience in administrative and corporate law and is an expert in administrative law, litigation, financial law, corporate law, mergers and acquisition, regulatory law, ethics, and compliance issues.

Fagali is also the founder of Fagali Advocacia. After working for several law firms, Bruno Fagali started his law firm with the aim to practice law independently and help his clients get the justice they deserve. He keeps a track of what is going on in the field of law and regularly writes about it on his blog.

One of the topics that he wrote about recently in his blog was about the court guidelines on alcohol advertisements. He applauded the rule by the court that said that the advertisers have to mention a legal disclaimer about the harm of alcohol consumption with alcohol advertisement. The guideline by the judge also suggested that the ad could not be appealing to the viewers in the sense that it should not excite the viewers enough to encourage them to have the alcohol. It can harm the youth who are easily influenced and can impact the general public health as well. Even though these guidelines existed earlier as well and are nothing new, they are being reinforced with even stronger penalties now.

Bruno Fagali says that the advertisers are misleading the public these days with their advertisement and having such laws in place is necessary for the better awareness among the people. It would lead to better public health and safety as the level of consumer awareness would drastically increase. The advertisers would be conscious of what to air and what not to air, and it would ensure that the advertisements are optimized before being broadcast as per the court guidelines. Bruno Fagali has completed his studies in law from the University of Sao Paulo. Bruno Fagali also serves as the corporate marketing manager at the New SB Advertising Firm. He is also an expert in ethics and regulatory law and has done a diploma in it from the Getulio Vargas Foundation. Bruno Fagali is an attorney from Brazil. He Studied ‘Bachelor of Law’ degree at the University of São Paulo. He proudly possesses a ‘Masters in Law’ degree from São Paulo.

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