End Citizens United Supports Candidate Gary Trauner In Senate Wyoming Race

End Citizens United knows that the 2018 Midterm Elections are going to be historic ones. For that reason, ECU is making sure to put in the work to get out and support candidates who are willing to fight for the right side of history. End Citizens United recently made public their endorsement of Gary Trauner in his run for a US Senate seat in Wyoming. Trauner is one of a number of progressive politicians who have made it clear that they are ready to fight back against corporate dark money flooding into politics. In fact, Trauner has gone public with his decision to completely reject all donations from corporate PACs. Let’s take a closer look at how End Citizens United and Gary Trauner are going to be working to change American politics for 2018 and beyond.

End Citizens United was founded with the sole intention of introducing legislation to the highest levels of government that will overturn the 2010 SCOTUS decision surrounding Citizens United. Citizens United, a prominent conservative propaganda group, helped to open up legislation that allowed corporations unfettered access to donations via political action committees, thus leading to the problems that we are seeing in the United States government today. In fact, the election of Donald Trump alone is proof enough that money in politics has become a serious issue.

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Tiffany Muller, the President of End Citizens United, made public her endorsement of Gary Trauner by way of a press release. Muller said in her release through End Citizens United that Trauner is working to get away from potential problems before they even arise, circumventing the hold that corporate donors can have on people. Muller went on to point out that Trauner’s willingness to forego corporate donations shows that he is willing to hold himself accountable to his constituents rather than the millions of dollars that corporations funnel into his Republican competition.

While Gary Trauner is still working on getting his name and message out to Wyoming residents, his endorsement from End Citizens United is turning out to be a popular one. End Citizens United brings a grassroots network of progressive voter enthusiasm to every state in the country, helping to mobilize voters and supporters to get the word out. Trauner released his own press release after receiving his endorsement from End Citizens United in order to echo his support for the ideals that the prominent progressive community has turned into their platform. Trauner said in his release, “I’ve been a staunch opponent of corporate influence in our electoral system.” He pointed out that he had been fighting corporate influence even before the Citizens United decision was handed down, though he went on to add that it was a “boneheaded” decision by the SCOTUS that only added to problems within our nations capitol.

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