The Best of Dr. Saad Saad’s Life and Works

Dr. Saad Saad is from Palestine but he grew up in Kuwait. He completed his medical degree at Egypt’s Cairo University 47 years ago. He graduated with honors as the second in his batch. He took and finished his residency in Great Britain and migrated to America 45 years in the past.



For the entire length of his professional medical career, Dr. Saad Saad has created various processes aimed at pediatric surgery, where two of his creations have been patented. Being a certified surgeon in pediatrics, he gained a lot of knowledge and a vast experience that paved his way to accomplish thousands of complex surgical procedures ranging from babies to teenagers. He also engaged himself in a medical mission, eight to be exact, in Jerusalem, where he executed complicated operation treatments on less fortunate children pro bono.



During his interview, Dr. Saad stated that he always knew he would like to be a doctor one day while he was studying in high school, and this was reinforced by the comprehension that if he were to get engineering or go into a different profession in Kuwait he would be working outdoors with the unbearable heat.



In order to avoid sweating it out in the extreme temperature of the outdoors, Dr. Saad made up his mind to become a medical doctor specializing in surgery, who will be able to work indoors in an operating room that has an air-conditioning system.



He also stated that the person who had the greatest influence on his life was the prominent Dr. Biemann Othersen who not only taught him how to be an excellent surgeon but who also educated him to be kind, honest, hardworking, and to assist all children without looking at their color, religion, mental and physical abilities, and their financial standing within the community.



In contemplation, Dr. Saad said that the best counsel he would give his younger self is to always reach for your ambitions since nothing is impossible if you persevere.



Having had an excellent surgical practice, Dr. Saad pointed out that there are specific steps he usually follows before doing a particular operation. The primary measure he takes is to review the patients’ medical record to ascertain what type of surgery needs to be executed; this is followed by studying a textbook that related the procedures which must be implemented on the operating table.



To be able to concentrate during the actual operation, Dr. Saad said that he has a few strict requirements he strictly implements in his operating room. The first is there should be no talk of personal matters inside the operating room, and there must be no loud music. A good night’s sleep and a good breakfast before the operations are likewise mandatory. Learn more:


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