How Hussain Sajwani has Conquered the Real Estate Sector in Dubai

Hussain Sajwani is among the wealthiest personalities in the United Arab Emirates. He is the proprietor and chairman of DAMAC Properties, a real estate conglomerate with operations in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi. Hussain decision to form DAMAC came about when he noticed a gap in the market. Since 2002, the company has grown to become a global leader in the real estate industry. It has a human capacity of over 2000 employees who work tirelessly to ensure they provide the best services to its clients. It deals with both commercial and residential properties.


Hussain Sajwani draws most of his business acumen from his parents. As a young boy, Sajwani spent most of his time at his father’s shop where they sold watches and pens. These exposed him to the difficulties involved in running a successful business. His mother was also into business; she sold fabrics and household goods to make some extra money. In Dubai, Sajwani was among the first group of people who invested in the property market. His target customers were expatriates working and living in the region. He was keen to develop in places where people thought had no potential. In one small town, he purchased land and built a 38-story structure that sold its first units before construction even began.


Hussain Sajwani has cemented his status in the Arab Emirates property sector. The corporation has managed to discover, develop and sell over 17,900 homes. They have partnered with various renowned personnel, lifestyle, and fashion brands to create amazing arts of construction. The Trump Organization is part and parcel of DAMAC Properties long-time plans. They collaborated to create the Trump International Golf Club that was honored for being the top in the golf development industry. They also developed the Trump World Golf Course in partnership with the renowned golfer, Tiger Woods who was its designer.


Being a wealthy man, Hussain Sajwani does not forget the less fortunate. He is among the most supportive of various government programs. He is lengthily involved in various charity projects such as the Ramadhan Initiative that helps needy kids with essential amenities and builds homes for the homeless.

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