Jed McCaleb and His Latest Venture

When it comes to computer programming and blockchain cryptocurrency, there is no greater go-getter than Jed McCaleb. He is a widely respected expert in both fields, simply because he started Mt. Gox as the first bitcoin-sharing exchange in the world and because he was responsible for starting some of the earlier peer-to-peer programming networks as well.


Jed is proud of his latest venture, which is called Stellar. He started working with this project in 2014 and is in charge of the technical side of the project. Stellar is a company that seeks to address some of the notable flaws in the financial development system.


Jed’s development in the project is two-fold: part of his day is spent coding and building, but the other part of his day is also spent doing the rather mundane things of responding to emails, taking service calls, and other areas that revolve around running a business. The Stellar network is a part of, which is a non-profit that is devoted to technology and digital financial literacy. Jed McCaleb has also guided Stellar to respond to open source software, simply because of the fact he is always on the lookout to improve existing software.


Jed’s inspiration for Stellar came from studying Bitcoin and realizing that the same technology could be utilized to connect financial institutions. Also Jed realizes he could have created a currency, he instead decided to create an open source financial network that would encourage some of the 2.5 billion unbanked people to participate in the world banking system.


McCaleb is also proud to say that he has upgraded the Stellar network since 2014. He has made the new network easier to understand, more extension, more secure, more scalable, and more modular. Finally, Jed took great pains to make sure that the network was community-run and that participants outside of the network would have a say in how the network is managed.


About Jed McCaleb


When Jed McCaleb is not busy making Stellar the best network possible, he is also interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and developing entrepreneurial projects. He seeks to be an asset in whatever capacity he can.

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