Trump Sets America Back Again

“Donald Trump is a moron,” seems to be the prevalent belief for much of the world. Day after day, he says something else stupid or does something stupid. Comedians can’t even keep up with all the weird things he says. He hasn’t been President for more than two years, but he’s undone decades of progressive movements.

Of the latest disasters he’s caused: pardoning Joe Arpaio sent shock waves through the nation. Most people don’t remember Arpaio, but he’s a horrible person. If there was one person who didn’t deserve freedom, it would be Joe Arpaio. Trump pardoned him because he supported Trump even before Trump ran for the presidency.

Back when Obama was President, Trump started the instigated the rumor that Obama wasn’t an American nationalist. Arpaio went a step further and launched a full investigation into Obama’s birth certificate, calling it a forgery. Of course, he couldn’t prove it.

His investigation of Obama’s birth certificate is a surprise for one reason: he ran a proper investigation. Throughout his career, he didn’t run one proper investigation into any he was supposed to be investigating. He only used his power to silence critics and dig up dirt on those he couldn’t pay off. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

If he wasn’t abusing his power, he was abusing jail inmates and Latinos. There are numerous cases of him systematically targeting and persecuting Latinos for no legal or lawful reason. He supported that law that required Latinos to carry identification to prove that they were illegal immigrants.

When it came to abusing inmates, he took many opportunities. One of his most famous examples of inmate abuse was opening Tent City. To him, it was the solution to jails overcrowding.

To everyone else, it was a concentration camp where violence reigned supreme. He and his guards severely beat anyone who didn’t follow the rules. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It the act wasn’t violent, it was humiliating. He often made inmates wear pink underwear in public, both men and women. He handcuffed pregnant inmates to their beds and forced them to give birth in jail. There was a massive number of inmate suicides; enough to make anyone question if they were really suicides.

And if he wasn’t doing any of that, he was fostering an anti-Mexican belief all over Arizona. He played a patriarchal role in much of Arizona’s fear-mongering. This is a man who genuinely loved torturing people, and the President just let him loose.

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  • Madilyn Juan says:

    No matter what the media and who controls them think, not everyone in the world will be anti Trump even if banking on their money. Well if you think college paperorg reviews has taken this line, do not worry about this. Because like they say one good turn deserves another or better what goes around comes around, all these could be all made up.

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