How The Securus Technologies Is Addressing The Malicious Drones Today

In the age of modern tech we are in right now, it pays to be advanced and ahead of the curve. One should prepare for the worst and consider the hidden systemic risks that our society is engaged right now. In an attempt to prevent this from happening, Securus Technologies, the leading company today that promotes social tech that helps police officers solve issues in the civil justice are now keeping up with the ways that the malicious people today are circumnavigating the justice system.


The Drone Threats


One of the challenges right now of Securus is to monitor the activities of drone operators. Right now many people are operating drones just to deliver malicious goods, drugs and other miscellaneous into prisons. When this happens, there is an increased threat for those who are working in such facilities. Right now, Securus is now engaging with the people in the government to make sure that it is now better for the police officers to overcome the threats of those who are working there.


The investment of Securus comes in the form of a multimillion dollar funding to install antennas that will disrupt any drone flying around nearby. With more than 3,500 public safety offices being served by Securus today, it’s no wonder why there’s so much security and precautionary protection that these prison cells could have today.


Development of the Tech


It should also be noted that there were about 18 months in the operations of Securus that was invested in developing the drone detection system that that can disrupt the external drones. The fact, too, that the people behind Securus have the energy and workforce to develop this product should also give you confidence that the programs they have set in place to date would still be one of the best protections our civil system can have today.


There have also been trials, resources and research studies today that have made sure that these drone attack technology would not be something that can be hacked by the external forces. All of these improvements are made sure to protect and not backfire on the officers operating them. Imagine the great amount of buffer that this technology can bring. If this can escalate and spread around different civil justice prison cells today, then the world would then be a safer place.


The Achievement of Securus


We should also indicate here that not only is Securus successful in innovating protection against malicious drones, it has also been recently awarded by the authority body Stevie Awards, for its excellent Sales and Customer Service program and approach. Securus has won the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, for its excellent engagement with their customers and their management of their sales.


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