Success of The oxford club

Oxford Club came into being in 1989. It was initially referred to as the Passport Club. It changed its name from Passport Club to Oxford club in 1991. It started as a small networking firm which was owned by William Bonner.

Oxford Club was developed through research work and personal interactions. Previously, it was a small financial club which was owned privately. Its goal was to bring together investors who were looking for investment openings and willing to share their business opportunities.

Oxford club is composed of investors and entrepreneurs who come from all over the world. It is a private club. It always performs above average due to its consistency. Oxford club uses strategic plans to perform excellently.

Oxford Club makes great returns in multiple asset classes. It is commended in areas including funds, bonds, real estate, precious metals, currencies bond and equities. The main objective of Oxford Club is to make its members have a great enjoyable life.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Oxford Club is Julia Guth. There are also other employees in the following fields:

  • Editing and Publishing
  • Research and operations
  • Customer service
  • Sales and marketing

Oxford club offers employment to well qualified persons in the field of strategic planning. The strategists are involved in:

There are three kinds of members in Oxford Club;

  • Those with Premier membership. This kind of members renew their membership every year. Premier membership is the lowest membership level. It involves contributing so that to access the Club’s journals and other publications. It is the initial level of every member.
  • Those with Director’s Circle membership. In this level, one is a full member. He contributes to the investment capital. He is entitled to receive the Club’s information through the three available newsletters. One can pass his membership to a family member.
  • Those with Chairman’s membership. It is the topmost membership level. At this level, members enjoy much benefits. They have access to the Club’s website. They can receive the Club’s magazines and articles for as long as they want.

Visit their Twitter account @The_Oxford_Club for additional information.

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