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Background Information About Sussex Healthcare Group
Sussex Healthcare Group was started in 1985. It has been in operation for more than two decades offering ideal healthcare to the elderly. This is an award-winning company that has received both local and international accreditations. It has 20 facilities that mainly operate on the coast of the United Kingdom. In 2002, it received certification from the Health Quality Services (HQS). Additionally, it became internationally recognized when it was certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in 2005.

For more than 25 years, Sussex Healthcare group has been co-chaired by Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. They both have experienced from different disciplines which have made the organization remain successful. Shiraz Boghani has vast experiences in hotel management while Shafik Sachedina is a medical practitioner. The duo has been working in harmony to ensure that the goals of Sussex Healthcare have been realized.

The Management board of Sussex Healthcare Company recently released a press statement that indicated the new appointment of the new Chief Executive Officer. Amanda Morgan-Taylor was nominated to lead the activities of the firm. She is highly qualified since she has vast experience in the field. Note that, Amanda Morgan-Taylor worked as s a mental health nurse in 1984. Over the years, she earned ranks due to her intelligence and hard work. The management board believes that she is the right candidate for the job.

Sussex Healthcare group have been committed to providing ideal elderly healthcare. They provide in-living care for the elderly. They believe that the physical, emotional and psychological aspects are paramount to the lives of individuals. As a result, they have drafted programs that ensure the three human character works in harmony. Apart from providing elderly care, Sussex Healthcare caters for young adults with neurological disabilities, dementia or Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive issues.

Sussex Healthcare Jobs
There are numerous job postings and vacancies in Sussex Healthcare Group. The firm believes in the impact of employees in realizing success. They think that employees play the most significant roles in the achievements of the firm. As a result, Sussex Healthcare Organization has invested heavily in the employment industry.

Their job opportunities are listed on their web page together with their benefits, training, and salary.

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