Freedom Checks also referred to as Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks is the required cash installment given to all the shareholders within a publicly traded corporation under the Statute 26-F. Founded in the year 2016 by Matt Badiali, a Penn State University, Florida Atlantic University and University of Carolina alumni holding a bachelors degree in science, M.S in Geology and a Ph.D. respectively.

Even though Freedom Checks have a similarity with federal programs, it is not controlled by the government. It is a tax-free venture opportunity which owes its existence to a federal law popularly known as Statute 26-F. It empowers over 550 energy-related organizations to send prolific each month or quarterly checks to their stockholders. Visit to know more.

These organizations, also known as master limited partnerships, assume an assortment of roles to play in the oil and natural gas industry. These MLPs are responsible for the drilling of new wells, transporting fuel through the pipelines and operating the refineries. To be able to qualify for a special exemption in tax, the must issue investors with 90 cents of each dollar in earning.

The Freedom Checks look like dividends, yet most MLPs cite them as distributions. Other shareholders get up to $160,000 each quarter. These impressive returns that are offered by these investments were highlighted by Motley Fool and Reuters. Traditional securities commonly pay 50% to 67% less. The government income tax does not cover MLPs or their investors. The shareholders pay a relatively small amount of charge on the capital gains if they offer their shares. These strategies provide the American with a significant incentive for investing in the energy industry. Visit the website to learn more.


President Nixon trusted that the U.S needed to maintain its freedom by generating more energy and the government allowed the MLP avoid taxes, consequently, promoting the onset of a law which rewarded individuals who invested in residential oil and gas producers. This Freedom Checks idea also incorporates a couple of similar openings. For example, investment trusts in real estate give another tax-free choice. The shareholders only receive nine-tenths from their income, and numerous REITs make money from off the rental properties they own.

Although a more significant investment is needed to gain hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month, any American can begin purchasing shares from $50 to $100 in extra cash. A Financial guru by the name Matt Badiali wrote a newsletter highlighting one of the most lucrative investments that are tax-free.

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