Heather Russell: The Start of Something Big

Heather Russell has managed to snag a position with TransUnion and not just any position but as TransUnion’s executive vice president and chief legal officer. How did she get this position? It all has to do with the many accomplishments of Heather Russell. For example, she has experience across a wide range of expertise like in data privacy and mergers and acquisitions.

Heather Russell is a lawyer who graduated from American University’s Washington College of Law. She graduated with honors from American University’s Washington College of Law. Heather Russell previous job was at the law firm Buckley Sanders LLC.

This is the start of something big for Heather Russell. She has worked hard all of her life and it is paying off. Her past jobs like one for Fifth Third Bank as their chief legal officer and corporate secretary has honed Heather Russell’s skills and made her ready for the complex job at TransUnion.

Her job at TransUnion entails her using her past financial services expertise. It can be hard to start a new job, but the people at TransUnion has every confidence that Heather Russell will do a good job. She is replacing John Blenke who is retiring from TransUnion. There is no amount of experience that can stop a person from being nervous about a new job. There is no sign that Heather Russell is nervous but it is perfectly normal if she is.

This is a big job, but Heather Russell has had big jobs before and that helps with her confidence.

Checkout Russell’s background: https://math.richmond.edu/faculty/hrussell/

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