A Recap of OSI Industries: The World’s Top Food provider

OSI Industries has made a huge impact in professional foodservices. This phenomenal company has a century’s worth of experience under its belt, has an abundance of innovative facilities that are spread out all over the world and has some of the most brilliant-thinking individuals on its payroll. Just think about it for a second. OSI has gone from being a corner butcher store to an international enterprise. The 20th century has certainly made a mark in American society thanks to the wave of new immigrants. These immigrants brought in fortitude as well as brought in a sense of hard work. When those attributes are combined with America’s agricultural landscape, big things will surely happen.

Otto kolschowski, founder of OSI Industries, has laid down a blueprint of success for all others to follow. Kolschowski just so happened to be one of those immigrants during the turn of 20th century. He brought forth his German roots and implemented them right into the business itself. As the old saying goes, “with success comes change.” This notion rings true on all levels. OSI Industries actually changed headquarters three different times. The first headquarters was located in Oak Park, Illinois, and the second headquarters was located in Maywood, Illinois. As of today, the beautiful city of Aurora, Illinois, is the company’s resting place. OSI just kept on expanding, especially after it switched gears and went into the wholesale market.

Sheldon Lavin, CEO of the company, has provided just what the doctor ordered. Lavin has a strong background in finance, and he has used this background to commence in business acquisitions. Under Lavin’s leadership of OSI Industries has been able to grow rapidly by acquiring stake in other similar businesses. In just the past two years, this food provider has acquired stake in Tyson Foods, in BAHO Food and in Flagship Europe.

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