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Founded in 1986, Custom Companies has been impacting the transportation market for many years. The vision of the company for nearly three decades has been the same: “Provide a broad base of Transportation Solutions under one roof to our customers.” Custom Companies is a full service transportation company that is dedicated providing top of the line service using an hands on approach.


Custom Companies offers a large number of top services. This list includes things like Domestic and International Air Freight, Direct Mail Distribution Services, Logistics Management and Partial Truckload Services within North America. Custom Companies has provided excellence work and as a result has been able to expand quickly. Currently their equipment offerings include Temperature Controlled and Flat Bed Equipment and Dry Vans.


For more than thirty years Custom Companies has been at the forefront of transportation services. They pride themselves on being a customer-first company. They firmly believe their success begins with their “Custom Culture.” Regardless if they are working with a top 500 Fortune company or small mom and pop company, Custom Companies prides itself on responding quickly and being flexible in solving their problems. Their company philosophy includes two key phrases: “Make it Happen” and ” Do it Right the First Time.”


Custom Companies has now become a worldwide company. As of today they serve customers in North America, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. Formerly the company was known as Custom Cartage, but changed its name in December of 2000. Today the company is headquartered out of Northlake, Illinois. Outside of the many services they provide, they are also respected for their reasonable prices, fast setup and Workflow automation – process more orders faster. Custom Companies has built an impressive resume over the last three decades. They appear to be destined to be an innovator in the transportation space for many more years to come.

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Custom Companies Prioritizes Clients and Community

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