Lee May’s Startling Association with Beamridge

Lee May is a businessman and entrepreneur based in London, England. The enthusiastic entrepreneur has an experience of more than 25 years in the construction industry. He has been developing his portfolio of companies and he recently purchased a care home business in the United Kingdom. Although the care home business is a new venture for Mr. May, he believes that the business will be profitable and successful. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and therefore understands the real estate market. Lee May adores both acquisition and creation of building companies. He deems himself as a resected employer that fosters to the development of the economy.


Lee May started his career in the real estate industry age of 16 years as a supporting laborer. He then joined North West Kent College where he acquired a City and Guilds qualification that enabled him to be a bricklayer. He moved up the ranks and at the age of 23 years, he emerged as one of the best subcontractors in South England. His company had more than 600 employees at this time.


Over the past years, Lee May became popular when he involved himself with Beamridge, a construction firm in the United Kingdoms. The company specializes on large-scale construction as well as development and management of building contracts. The company turned to May as its advisor on holistic projects. Lee May has guided the company to develop projects that are both profitable and ethical. The company has since turned on projects that are safe and environmentally friendly. Beamridge has in the recent past reduced its carbon footprints and increased the installation of safety protocols in all their construction sites.


Apart from working with Beamridge, Lee May has also enjoyed many professional successes with other companies and organizations. Lee has ventured in new initiatives and broker deals in an effort to become the best and the largest developer in South London. Lee May also enjoys giving back to the community. His charitable works focus on helping youth organizations. He develops financial resources to help other in the community. He also mentors the youth and empowers them to improve their lives.


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