Addiction: Easy to Get in Hard to Get Out Victoria Doramus’ Victory

One of the interesting things about addiction is that it is very easy for one to get into, but very hard for one to break out of. The worst part is that some of the programs that people get into are not helpful for everyone. One of the common programs that people get into are 12 step programs. Then they go to AA meetings which is a good way to keep tabs on how people can get involved in other activities so that they can avoid the habits they were involved in before they have found a program to help. mentioned that one of the people who have experienced and won the battle against addiction is Victoria Doramus. She can tell people first hand what it is like to be addicted to alcohol and drugs. She will also admit that it has taken a lot for her to break free of her addiction. She has tried plenty of 12 step programs. The worst part is that when she has thought that she has broken free of addiction, she has fallen back into it. This is one thing that has helped her realize that addiction is not something one can break free of all on their own.

One thing that has helped her Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) is committing to a program and a commitment to a higher power. Among the things she has had to do while on the program was pray and meditate. She has also had to take part in programs in which she had to look at herself. Among the activities that she was involved in were peer confrontations. These can be among the hardest activities for people to be involved in because people have to take a deeper look at how their behavior is perceived by others. At the same time, they also learn how to take the behaviors of others. Learn more about Doramus by reading this article.

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