Most Recent Acquisition

Nexbank is a bank with many financial services with clients globally. They offer many different types of services that include commercial banking, investment banking and mortgage banking. The company has been doing business since 1922 by giving corporations and individual people the utmost banking services and products.

Nexbank is partnering with Dallas Neighborhood Homes. Dallas Neighborhood Homes works with Habitat for Humanity in the Dallas area. This is a mortgage lending non profit organization. The partnerships with these organizations and Nexbank will result in affordable housing for the families living in certain areas of Dallas. The goal of this partnership is to aid many families that are need of housing to be able to become homeowners. These homes loans will go to low income families living in zip codes located in southern Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Nexbank are elated to know families will be able to receive these homes loans due to the Affordable Housing Loan Program. The plan for the Affordable Housing Loan Program is to issue out at least one hundred loans to low income families over the course of a few years.

Nexbank is based out of Dallas, Texas. The bank has recently acquired College Savings Bank that is located in Princeton, New Jersey. This bank is known for its hundreds of programs dedicate to college savings. College Savings Bank will retain its initial branding and name while being apart of the Nexbank family. Both parties felt as though combining the two banks would benefit them both financially. This acquisition is ultimately about benefiting the customer. Now Nexbank will be able to promote and encourage those needing to save for college.

College Savings Banks has typically just focused in on saving for college ever since its founding in 1987. The bank has been thought of more like a partner than a banking institution. The bank serves to assist families in preparing for college expenses. Nexbank will continue to keep these programs that College Savings Bank has established. Some of the savings programs include the Arizona Family College Savings Program and the Indiana College Choice CD Program.

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