Alex Pall Discusses Meeting Andrew Taggart & Talks About his Fanbase

Alex Pall is one of the founding members of the Chainsmokers. When his partner left him in 2014, he found a replacement in Andrew Taggart. In the end this was a great decision because they have seen unimaginable success since joining up.


They immediately began making music, releasing two top 10 hits: “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” The first song they released together was “#Selfie.” They didn’t have a number one hit until the release of “Closer.”


After the release of “Closer,” Alex Pall, along with Andrew Taggart, conducted an interview discussing their original meeting, their music making process, and much more.


Alex Pall opened the conversation talking about what he was doing before being introduced to Andrew Taggart. He was working as a DJ in New York. He thought of it as a hobby, but he was making a little bit of money with it. One day, when he was in an art gallery, he realized that music was one of the most important parts of his life. Alex Pall’s manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart.


Andrew Taggart followed, explaining what was happening in his life before joining Pall. Taggart was a DJ too, working in Maine on the side. He was also a student, attending University. He was also interning at Interscope Records, and this is how he made the contacts that introduced him to Alex Pall.


They also talked about their fan demographics. Pall explained that Instagram enables him to stay in touch with his fans. He is also able to see exactly who and where his fans are. Surprisingly, he told the interviewer that the male/female demographic was almost split down the middle. However, as expected, their age demographic is primarily the 16-25 crowd. They have reached an international crowd as well. Pall explained that he has seen fans on Instagram from places like South Africa.

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