Chris Burch: American Entrepreneur

Chris Burch is an American entrepreneur who is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch is also an investor. He played a role in the rise of brands such as Jawbone, Poppin, and Voss Water. He did an interview last year with Ideamensch. In this interview he explains where the of Burch Creative Capital came from. He said that he wanted to use his knowledge to help other entrepreneurs with their ideas. The interviewer then asks him about how he makes ideas come to life. Chris Burch says that it depends on the people, as an entrepreneur you have to find people who have the desire to execute on their idea. The interviewer follows up that question by asking about one habit that makes him more productive as an entrepreneur, source ( Burch states that his ability to read people and understand who they are. Burch says that the one tip of advice he always offers to people is to listen. When asked about his favorite technology to use he goes on to say that as an entrepreneur his job is be in the mind of the customer which is why he is constantly listening to podcasts and audio books, helpful updates on In the last question of the interview Burch was asked about who has influenced him. He said that he likes Ellen DeGeneres and he believes that she is a brilliant business woman and does an incredible of connecting with her fans. He also mentions that he is a fan of his friend Steve Ross. Burch says that he admires Steve’s forward thinking and has a lot of respect for him. He also said that he likes Steve’s creativity and his able to take on any idea no matter the size, click

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