One of the Good Guys

Marc Beer is an executive in the bio technology pharmaceutical industry. He has been an executive in the development of commercialization for over 25 years as well. He is currently the CO founder Chairman and CEO of Renovia Inc. and raised over 42 million dollars to found the company.


Renovia is a company that specializes in medical products, as well as therapeutic products that aid in the promotion of health concerning the woman’s anatomy. Renovia focuses it’s interest on the pelvic health of women, and the improvement of technology with an emphasis on the treatment and diagnosis of pelvic disorders in women. Renovia has worked with the FDA for clearance of state of the art equipment and technology to provide patients with the education and tools to maintain the compliance needed for proper vaginal and pelvic health.


The advocacy that has been shown on the behalf of Mr. Beer in regards to women’s health is nothing less than to be marveled at. Good Start Genetics, which was just recently bought by Vital, is a pillar in the assistance of women maintaining their reproductive health through screenings and education. Allowing the cultivation of family growth and health.


As research is still underway to patent technologies that improve the health of the the pelvic floor muscles, Marc Beer has demonstrated with each chosen path within his career that women’s health is of thee upmost importance. He has raised money and dedicated countless amounts of time to the avocation of reproduction health in women. Moreover his diligence and persistence has not only helped aid in bringing the vision of women’s health to the forefront. It has also restored a renewed confidence in women to understand that their reproductive health is a very important part of their lives. Marc Beer’s advocacy for women’s health has helped women to realize that maintaining their reproductive health and pelvic health are very important factors in the quality of their lives.


With women’s health becoming a priority in the world of medicine more women are complying with their doctors for a better overall quality of care, which leads to a longer quality of life.¬†Learn more :¬†

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