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Fortress Investment Group and Virgin Group Team Up

A new strategic partnership has formed between Fortress Investment Group and Virgin. Richard Branson is known for traveling the skies and now his company will be associated with traveling the United States by train as well. The private railway company is currently known as Brightline but in 2019 they will be making the change to

Shervin Pishevar says Big Five tech monopolies wield far too much power

The robber barons of the Industrial Revolution and its immediate aftermath get a bad rap. Yet, the truth is that figures like John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and Cornelius Vanderbilt were responsible for as much progress as they were for poor working conditions or exploitative practices. Companies like Standard Oil and U.S. Steel made the skyscraper

Deirdre M. Baggot Focuses Her Career on Healthcare

As a prominent member of the healthcare community, Deirdre Baggot healthcare and the impact it has on the entire world. She also knows the right way to navigate different areas of the healthcare industry. She spent a lot of time learning about healthcare and learning how it can help others even when there are different

Details of JD.Com Collaboration with Sam Miguel

San Miguel and Jingdong Company have collaborated to offer fresh produce through e-commerce platform. San Miguel is a dominant citrus firm located in Southern Hemisphere while is a leading Chinese e-commerce retail platform. The Chinese company made the announcement in Hong Kong on their “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance” initiative that aims at promoting

Jason Hope: Philanthropic Futurist

Mix one part successful entrepreneur, one part futurist, and one part philanthropist, and you might end up with someone a lot like Jason Hope. Jason divides his time between running his businesses, writing and advising on the near and mid-term future, and being actively involved in philanthropy. Among the subjects Jason Hope holds dear is

Kamil Idris Discusses About Intellectual Property Laws

The capabilities of globalization allowed the society to become more open towards various suggestions when it comes to the business sector. Countries that are undergoing development can gain a great advantage out of this as it can provide a lower price on various products and services from neighboring and faraway countries. The help of exportation

Peter Briger: Leading the Financial World to New Heights

Peter Briger is currently the Co-chairman and Principal of one of the largest asset management companies in the world, Fortress Investment Group. He began his immaculate career after graduating from Princeton University in 1986 and then later his Masters in Business Administration from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Goldman Sachs was quick to

The accentuated roles of Freedom Checks as an investment.

Freedom Checks is a non-profitable investment channel that purposes to provide financial solutions to the society. It was founded by Matt Badiali who uses the venture to improve the lifestyle of people as they get money in advance to pursue personal ventures and then later return with a small interest rate. It works the same