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Hussian Sajwani – Turning Travesties into Treasure

Business and Property Tycoon, Hussain Sajwani, owner of luxury and leisure property developing company, DAMAC, has explained how Dubai can turn turmoil into treasure in their regions. DAMAC is a giant player in the commercial, residential and leisure lands and properties in the Middle East. They have proved their excellence, written in evidence by their

Jason Hope: Philanthropic Futurist

Mix one part successful entrepreneur, one part futurist, and one part philanthropist, and you might end up with someone a lot like Jason Hope. Jason divides his time between running his businesses, writing and advising on the near and mid-term future, and being actively involved in philanthropy. Among the subjects Jason Hope holds dear is

Ryan SeaCrest: Back With American Idol and More

Well it’s official Ryan Seacrest is now back hosting one of top most popular show in television, American Idol on the ABC network. Seacrest is an award-winning host and producer of many beloved television shows that are on air today. He will work alongside idol judge Katy Perry in the first season that will be

Heather Russell Brings Over 20 Years of Expertise to TransUnion

As of June 4, TransUnion acquired a new Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President in the form of Heather Russell. Heather Russell has over 20 years of relevant experience as a legal executive and will be taking over a large amount of responsibility in the position. Some of these duties include consumer privacy functions

The Consequential Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is predominantly known as the outgoing host from the hit show, American Idol. What some might not know is that Ryan is very engaged in many different things. From producing shows to men’s fashion, Ryan Seacrest has quite a busy schedule. In 2003 Ryan Seacrest became host of American Idol, which started his

Jed McCaleb Innovations

Jed McCaleb was introduced to the cryptocurrencies industry in 2010 after reading an article which had detailed the emergence of a new digital currency that was called bitcoin. This was in 2010 and bitcoin had just been launched in 2009. However, at the time, very few people knew about it. In fact, the article went

Todd Lubar’s Insight on Real Estate Expansion in Baltimore

Baltimore is a beautiful city. It is occasionally referred to as Charm City. It is flooded with young professionals, something that is rare in other cities. They have relatively larger young population despite the fact that it may appear as if they are losing the population. This is definitely going to affect the economy of

Learn Here About Ryan Seacrest

The entertainment world is very hard to break into. Further, maintaining a successful career in showbiz is even more difficult, if that’s even possible. Ryan Seacrest has unarguably had one of the best, longest-lasting careers in entertainment of any figure in any market across planet Earth. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation The name of this philanthropic,