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A Recap of OSI Industries: The World’s Top Food provider

OSI Industries has made a huge impact in professional foodservices. This phenomenal company has a century’s worth of experience under its belt, has an abundance of innovative facilities that are spread out all over the world and has some of the most brilliant-thinking individuals on its payroll. Just think about it for a second. OSI

Joel Friant’s Obsession with Quality

Joel Friant entered the world of entrepreneurial business in 1995 with the opening of his first restaurant. Joel had always been interested in owning his own business, and he also had a passion for spicy and flavorful exotic cuisines. He decided to combine the two and he opened a brand new restaurant concept that merged

OSI Group Built The Fast Food Industry

Meat For Everyone While many people do not seem to think about it, there is a certain science and art behind the entire process from the processing plants to the fast food franchises that we enjoy our fast food in. Without OSI Group, it simply isn’t likely that we would be able to enjoy the