Roberto Santiago Is A Brazilian Entrepreneur Who Established One Of the Most Famous Shopping Centers In Brazil

Brazilian businessman Roberto Santiago is 58 years old, and is the owner of the famous Manaira Shopping center. Located in the capital city of Joao Pessoa, in the state of Paraiba which is in the nation of Brazil, the Manaira Shopping center is yet another of Roberto Santiago’s famous creations in Brazil. Mr. Santiago began his career by investing in the Café Sana Rosa. They make use of a extremely innovative method that helps manufacture a multitude of highly decorative and sensible items. Mr. Santiago is considered to be an ingenious businessman who has experienced great success from his business ventures. He strongly enjoys sports, which are a mainstay of Brazilian culture, and he has personally attained a great number of motocross trophies, as well as numerous kart championships.

Roberto is from the city of Joao Pessoa, and attended his academic studies at the esteemed Pio X Marist University, which is the capital city’s most famous educational facility. From there he obtained his degree in Business Administration from the Joao Pessoa University Center, also known as UNIPE. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho

He is recognized as being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in all of Brazil. He owns the largest shopping center in Paraiba. In fact, his Manaira Shopping center is listed as one of the largest malls in the entire nation of Brazil.

Mr. Santiago started his lucrative career as a writer. From his truly in-depth knowledge that he held regarding his country, he authored a website blog. From there, he would create very eye catching stories which garnered him much fame and attention.

The Manaira Shopping center was founded in 1989 and is considered to be a one-stop location to find a variety of artistry, cuisine, garments and all around entertainment, from their vast movie theater to their bowling lanes, including a very spacious electronic amusement park and massive ballroom. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is so monumental in scale, that many look upon it as a city within the city itself.

Many citizens and tourists alike are infatuated with visiting this mall. It is seen as a hub for entertainment, with something for everyone to enjoy. There is an eleven room, technologically innovative, cinema complex with rooms for VIP’s, as well as three 3D viewing rooms. The cinema boasts a massive vendor section to cater to the delights of all tastes, including candies, ice creams and more.

On top of the shopping center is the Domus Hall. This is where a fantastically large amount of entertaining occurs on a regular basis. They can sit a whopping 8,000 people if they are sitting or 10,00 people if they are standing. Many festivals and live concert events take place there.