Betsy DeVos:Working To Improve Education For All Children

Elisabeth “Betsy” DeVos is the newly appointed U.S. Secretary of Education. She was born in Holland, Michigan on January 8 1958. DeVos had a very religious upbringing and her family was deeply involved in the Republican Party. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of Elsa Prince and billionaire industrialist Edgar Prince, the founder of automotive parts supplier Prince Corporation. She is a graduate of Holland Christian High School and Calvin College. Raised in the Christian Reformed Church, she’s a Mars Hill Bible Church member.

A staunch advocate for school choice, Betsy DeVos has long supported the charter school system in Detroit. A Foundation for Excellence in Education board member, she’s also worked with All Children Matter, Action Institute and the Alliance for School Choice. DeVos also strongly believes in the ability of school voucher programs to help students from all backgrounds to get the highest quality education possible. She sees it has a way to free students trapped in underperforming schools by giving them the ability to transfer to an educational institution better equipped to help them to excel.

Betsy DeVos is a life-long Republican. She has been actively involved in Republican Party activities in Michigan since 1982. DeVos was a local precinct delegate since 1986. She served as Michigan’s Republican National Committee chairperson from 1992 to 1997 and from 1996 to 2000 she was Michigan Republican Party chairwoman. An excellent organizer and fundraiser, Betsy DeVos raised over $150,000 for President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004. She was National Republican Senatorial Committee finance chairperson for two years during the Bush Administration and worked on various projects with the administration. In 2006, her husband, Richard DeVos Jr., was the Republican nominee in the race for governor of Michigan. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Betsy DeVos is a mother of four. She has two daughters, Elissa and Andrea, and two sons, Rick and Ryan. A committed philanthropist, she has given over $140 million to a wide variety of causes. The areas that have benefitted most from her support are education, the arts, communities, justice and leadership. She has also given a great deal to healthcare. Devos’ business career includes being the Windquest Group’s chairwoman. The organization invests in clean energy, technology and manufacturing.

Betsy DeVos has consistently worked on issues related to education. She has received much praise for working to expand the educational opportunities available for children and helping to develop human capital. She envisions helping to build an education system in the United States that has the tools, teachers, equipment and the visionary leadership to help every child to be able to achieve their God-given potential. She wants to work with communities nationwide to make the American educational system the best in the world.

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George Soros: A Self-Made Billionaire

George Soros is one of the influential individuals involved in politics. Yes, he has political influence, but no, he is not a politician. He has used his wealth and power to influence the political landscapes in the United States and Europe. Soros has impacted the American politics more than any other individual.

George created a fortune through his different projects and is among the 30 richest persons in the world. According to Forbes, George is worth $25.2 Billion. His wealth has given him power and put him in the position where his opinions on politics are not just heard but listened to. A significant source of George’s power is his zeal to transform the world. He views himself as a missionary with a divine purpose to change the world’s institutions and make them better.

Early life

George was born in Budapest, Hungary. Even though he had humble beginnings, George was determined to make something out of his life. It was at that time that he decided to immigrate to England to pursue his education. In 1947, Soros enrolled at the London School of Economics. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and later Master degree in Philosophy.

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He secured his first employment at the Singer and Friedlander in 1954 after much struggling. George was first employed as a clerk before advancing to the arbitrage department. In 1956, he received an offer from the F.M. Mayer office in New York. George accepted, relocated to New York City, and joined the Company as an arbitrage trader. While serving in the Company, he specialized in European stocks.

He left the Company after three years and joined Wertheim and Co. as an analyst of the European Securities. He has held other positions in the course of his financial career. Read more about George’s life story at

Political Funding

George is a liberal and Democrat supporter. He has in many occasions financed different Democratic campaigns. In 2004 he donated $27 million in a bid to defeat former President George W. Bush. After the elections, George took a step back from political donations, but he came back in 2016. It was reported that he donated $25 million towards Hilary’s presidential campaign. His motivation for supporting Hilary was influenced by two things: his friendship with her and his fear of Donald Trump becoming the president.


The philanthropy work began in the 1970s when George Soros provided financial support for the students pursuing their education at the University of Cape Town. He has also supported different organizations among them the Open Society Foundation. Most recently, George donated $246 million to the feminists’ group.

In 2016, he established an organization that donated $500 million to the different companies owned by refugees or migrants from Europe.

Construcap’s Role As A Competitive Construction Company

Construcap is one of the largest and most profitable construction companies in Brazil. The company was founded in 1944 and is headquartered in São Paulo. It performs construction projects throughout Brazil and does projects that are both public and private. Is involved in the building, energy, and infrastructure fields.

One of the recent large projects that Construcap completed was the Minas Arena which is located in the state of Minas Gerais. It has been used for both the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Minas Arena was only the second stadium to be awarded the Platinum LEED certification which has extremely strict requirements on In order to qualify, Construcap had to build it to be highly efficient in its use of energy and water. They installed enough solar panels to power over 1,000 homes. All rainwater is collected and used in non-potable ways such as watering the field and in urinals and toilets. The stadium also has a built-in system to collect and sort all trash in order to send as little as possible to landfills.

In order to stay at the forefront of the industry, Construcap continuously trains its staff to be up to date with the latest engineering and construction technologies and techniques. The Supply Manager of Construcap, Maria Stella Ramalho da Riva, said that doing this continuous training leads to tighter budgets, a more efficient overall operation, and the ability of the company to consistently hit deadlines on She went on to say that the company’s training regimen guarantees that Construcap stays competitive in the industry.

As a company that is also socially responsible, the training that Construcap provides extends to people in the community in which they have projects at Before a project breaks ground the team at Construcap has already started providing training to local residents in order to give them an opportunity to work on the project. The types of training that they engage in includes painting and masonry. The students engaged in the training are also given the tools and safety items they will need in their new careers such as helmets and work uniforms.

OSI Group Built The Fast Food Industry

Meat For Everyone
OSI Group has given people around the world the meat found in their fast food for decades. While many people do not seem to think about it, there is a certain science and art behind the entire process from the processing plants to the fast food franchises that we enjoy our fast food in.

Without OSI Group, it simply isn’t likely that we would be able to enjoy the wide array of products that have allowed so many people to enjoy the burgers and pizzas we love so much.

International Success
What separates OSI Group from others in the meat industry is the ability to reach out to countries across the world. They have managed to take over the meat industry of companies in China, Europe, and other locales without any problem. This expansion has allowed many of the most popular American fast food franchises to expand into new territories where they can reach new customers. Beyond meat, OSI Group also sells frozen dough and vegetables to franchises in need of that. This expansion has allowed the company to reach heights previously thought unattainable.

Dedicated To Its Workers
The thing that stands out the most about OSI Group is their focus on giving their worker’s the best environment to work in regardless of the costs. You can’t succeed in any industry without putting a focus on the safety of your workers. It isn’t a surprise that OSI Group is known around the world for its safety standards.

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Copa Star Hospital Has Opened in Rio de Janeiro

Copa Star Hospital has opened in October 2016 in Rio de Janeiro’s southern region. The exact location of the hospital is close to Copacabana beach on Figueiredo Magalhaes Street. The time required for the completion of the hospital was almost three years. It is not a regular hospital rather it has outstanding service, comfort, luxury, and latest technology. It appears to be a five-star hotel from the outside. The organization that introduced this concept is D’Or Sao Luiz Network. The building has seven stories which are constructed with innovative technology. The area of the hospital is around twenty-one thousand square foot. Patients at Copa Star Hospital has more freedom as compared to regular hospitals. They can tap on the iPad to request a nurse or talk to a doctor. The beds of the hospital have a feature of automation. There is an application which allows patients to do tasks like accessing the doctor, change room’s lighting, close and open curtains.

President and founder of D’Or Sao Luiz is a cardiologist named Dr. Jorge Moll. Under his leadership, the network invested an amount of four hundred million dollars in 2013 to start building Copa Star Hospital. He said that Copa Star is an excellent option for all those who had to visit distant hospitals in Rio de Janeiro and Sau Paulo. At Copa Star Hospital, highly trained staff is available 24/7 to look after the patients. The most complicated type of surgeries is done here. Patients of the hospital describe it as living in a five-star hotel where highly trained doctors and nurses treat patients. The objective of building Copa Star Hospital was to treat patients with and latest technology. A new concept that is introduced at Copa Star is the separate passage for medical staff and stretchers. The corridors of the hospital are decorated with expensive paintings. Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

IDOR which is D’Or Institute for Education and Research is an institute that works for the promotion of technological and scientific advancement in the training of medical professionals. The headquarter of the Institute is in Rio de Janeiro, and it was founded in the year 2010. D’Or Sao Luiz provides technical support and resources for the researchers that includes state-of-the-art instrument. The institute has other units operating in cities like Sao Paulo, Brasilia, and Recife. The headquarter continuously coordinates with the units in other cities. At the moment, there are over fifty students that are working with a team of researchers. These people are working on different projects which are aimed to bring important outcomes. The focus of the institute is areas like pediatrics, neurosciences, internal medicine, and medicine. Post-graduation diplomas, refresher courses, specialization, and residency programs are also offered by the institute. The senior researchers supervise the students for masters and doctoral degrees. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

Roberto Santiago Is A Brazilian Entrepreneur Who Established One Of the Most Famous Shopping Centers In Brazil

Brazilian businessman Roberto Santiago is 58 years old, and is the owner of the famous Manaira Shopping center. Located in the capital city of Joao Pessoa, in the state of Paraiba which is in the nation of Brazil, the Manaira Shopping center is yet another of Roberto Santiago’s famous creations in Brazil. Mr. Santiago began his career by investing in the Café Sana Rosa. They make use of a extremely innovative method that helps manufacture a multitude of highly decorative and sensible items. Mr. Santiago is considered to be an ingenious businessman who has experienced great success from his business ventures. He strongly enjoys sports, which are a mainstay of Brazilian culture, and he has personally attained a great number of motocross trophies, as well as numerous kart championships.

Roberto is from the city of Joao Pessoa, and attended his academic studies at the esteemed Pio X Marist University, which is the capital city’s most famous educational facility. From there he obtained his degree in Business Administration from the Joao Pessoa University Center, also known as UNIPE. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho

He is recognized as being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in all of Brazil. He owns the largest shopping center in Paraiba. In fact, his Manaira Shopping center is listed as one of the largest malls in the entire nation of Brazil.

Mr. Santiago started his lucrative career as a writer. From his truly in-depth knowledge that he held regarding his country, he authored a website blog. From there, he would create very eye catching stories which garnered him much fame and attention.

The Manaira Shopping center was founded in 1989 and is considered to be a one-stop location to find a variety of artistry, cuisine, garments and all around entertainment, from their vast movie theater to their bowling lanes, including a very spacious electronic amusement park and massive ballroom. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is so monumental in scale, that many look upon it as a city within the city itself.

Many citizens and tourists alike are infatuated with visiting this mall. It is seen as a hub for entertainment, with something for everyone to enjoy. There is an eleven room, technologically innovative, cinema complex with rooms for VIP’s, as well as three 3D viewing rooms. The cinema boasts a massive vendor section to cater to the delights of all tastes, including candies, ice creams and more.

On top of the shopping center is the Domus Hall. This is where a fantastically large amount of entertaining occurs on a regular basis. They can sit a whopping 8,000 people if they are sitting or 10,00 people if they are standing. Many festivals and live concert events take place there.

US Money Reserve Has Redesigned Its Website To the Delight of Coin Collectors!

Although U.S Money Reserve has always been a company steeped in the tradition of giving customers quality and value, the precious metal company has updated their online look. Due to popular demand, consumers can find more of the rarest coins and best information about the precious metals market on their website,


For the seasoned and beginning collector alike, ordering has never been easier.

U.S Money Reserve Inc. employs only the best numismatists, market valuation experts, and customer service professionals to make buying precious metals easy with their customer friendly, intuitive user interface. A secure storefront allows customers to not only safely order products, but those who have questions can leave their contact information for a representative to contact them. U.S Money Reserve also maintains a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, that you can seamlessly link to from their website.


One truly amazing feature is the U.S Money Reserve Knowledge Center, where it’s easy not only to find out why smart investors are buying gold but the difference between bullion vs. certified gold coins. The latest news about the global economy, investing towards retirement and gold pricing trends is also provided free, all in one convenient place under “News”.


The new graphics and visuals are the best part of the new website Getting a detailed look at some of the most beautiful U.S and Foreign minted coins in rich detail has been made easier than ever. You can also “meet” Philip N. Diehl, the 35th Director of the U.S Mint. who served our government, and now serve customers and C.E.O and President of U.S. Money Reserve. In today’s economic market, it’s reassuring that U.S Money Reserve has an expert guiding this trusted company. Investors want to know not only what they are buying, but also from whom. U.S. Money Reserve, headquartered in Austin, Texas.


This new website interface is just another step U.S. Money Reserve has taken to go the extra mile to reach out to investors. Wheres other companies focus merely on transactions, U.S Money Reserve believes in forming lasting relationships with customers.



Stem Cell Transplants May Induce Long-Term Remission of Multiple Sclerosis

Outcomes from a new clinical trial demonstrated that transplantation of a patient’s personal blood-creating stem cells can energize sustained remission of multiple-sclerosis that is relapsing remitting. The treatment, referred as Autologous Hematopoietic Cell Transplant or HDIT/HCT and high-dose immunosuppressive therapy has portrayed patients of not more than five years showing benefits after they get the medication. Sixty-nine percent of individuals did not encounter any disability progression, new brain lesions after five years of treatment or multiple sclerosis symptoms relapses. Similarly, participants who not receive medication for different sclerosis subsequent to experiencing HDIT/HCT treatment may have a lower achievement rate than this new treatment.

The exploratory treatment has the objective suppressing active diseases while preventing more disability by eradicating disease-causing cells and bringing the immune system back to normal. Within the procedure, doctors take the blood-forming stem cells of the participant’s offering them with a high-dose chemotherapy depleting the immune system and making the participants stem cells to reestablish the immune system. And that is a unique work one of the specialist Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishita partakes.

Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishita is a neurologist based in Voorhees, New Jersey and is associated with Kennedy University Hospital. He got his medical degree from Government Medical College Nagpur. He has been in practice for over 20 years. Currently he is among the 34 specialists at Kennedy University Hospital who do specialization in Neurology.

After graduating in 1979, Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishita is said to have an accumulation of 40 years in experience. He finished a residency at Boston City Hospital. Besides, Dr. Vasishta spends significant time in Psychiatry. Presently, he does practice at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates whilst partnering with Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishita is a certified board member in Neurology and also accepts different insurance plans such as Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Medicare.

Slippery Conditions –Rainy Weather When Wagering on Pro Football

While 8 NFL teams that play their home games under a dome, or in a stadium with a retractable roof, the other 22 host their games outdoors. When a sporting event is played outdoors, sometimes Mother Nature becomes about as important a factor as the players themselves. Here are some tips on using a rainy weather report to help you gain some footing when betting against the football odds.

Slippery When Wet

Rainy weather can wreak havoc on a football game, but not always the way you might think. Sure, the “pigskin” gets slippery, but holding onto the football is not the only thing you should consider when betting the odds on rainy day games. While keeping a firm grip on a slippery football must be calculated as part of the equation, slippery field conditions can also be a problem. But, not always the way you might think. Frequently people shy away from bad weather games thinking the conditions will limit a good offensive team, plus the haphazard likelihood of unexplained turnovers could totally throw the football odds maker’s predictions out the window.

The Footing Advantage

Slippery footing conditions can actually be an advantage, exactly the opposite of what you might think. Sure, every player – both defense and offense – is going to be challenged when trying to clutch what is essentially a greased pig. But, soggy turf conditions actually benefit the offense more than it does the defenders. Wide receivers know where they want to go, so if they can secure footing to cut on a dime, they might gain that one step on the coverage that frees them open.

Also, when you think about throwing the football on a rainy day, pass protection is vital. When protecting their quarterback, the massive offensive lineman will have a slight advantage. Blockers only need to hold ground, while the defense is trying to establish enough footing to pressure the quarterback.

Unless the weatherman predicts some apocalyptic monsoon, rainfall rivaling the tales of Noah, then don’t simply X-out a game just because the forecast calls for rain. At you can mull over the NFL odds for each contest, plus conveniently review the weather projections for game time. Remember, a slippery field can actually be an advantage for a good offensive football team.